SUNN-i Korean Beauty is a new approach to beauty. We stand for beauty with identity & impact. It is about confidence, health, and being OK with yourself today.

Love your skin, love yourself.

Beyond Beauty

  • "Our vision and mission with SUNN-i Korean Beauty goes much more beyond beauty and skincare, it is built on the philosophy and values of helping others and nourishing skincare health."

    Eric & Melissa
  • It's genuine, their products have been tested and hand-selected by their team of skincare experts. They curate only the highest quality products that aim for visible results.

    Kim Cheung
  • These two entrepreneurs have a broad-minded perspective on beauty as a way of humanitarianism: to deliver good and do good.

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Woman with cotton pads on her face to absorb moisturizer

Our mission is to help all people believe in


We, the siblings Eric & Melissa, believe that skincare is just more than caring for and achieving a healthier and glowing skin. Our enflaming passion for the perfect skincare products started when we both suffered from bad breakouts, causing our skin's health to decline. This ephemeral experience developed into a lifelong endeavour. When no products or treatments that were widely available worked out, we decided to turn to the Korean market. Experiencing the global sensation of K-pop and K-dramas at the forefront of the hallyu wave and observing the treatments and health delivered by Korean skincare inspired us to not only observe Korean skincare, but to deliver it: to be part of the Korean beauty community and share the happiness of having healthier and radiant skin. While travelling South Korea for 2 weeks during the summer of 2021, we discovered the full Korean skincare routine and the best possible quality products. During our trip, we curated a variety of quality products used by worldfamous K-pop groups like BTS, Seventeen and Blackpink and the well acknowledged actors Hyunbin and Song Joong-Ki

Embrace your skin the way your idol does, just a doorstep away!

Our mission

We believe that our receptiveness of both Western and Eastern skincare will allow us to curate a broad variety of quality products for you to choose from. Let it be for acne-prone, dry or sensitive skin. There is a solution for every skin concern and any skintype! We not only wish to explore beauty & health among those who excel within it and among the best possibe brands: we wish to share and unveil the lifelong endeavour of a healthy skin. To alleviate bad skin days and nourish healing. That is why we have only one mission: Guiding you to achieve your personal skin goals and shine like never before with SUNN-i Korean Beauty!

  • Philosophy

    Skin first, you first. Instead of covering up skincare problems with make-up, we want to guide you through a personal skincare experience!

  • Curations

    It matters to us what you put on your skin. That is why we curate only the highest quality products, which are tested and hand-selected.

  • Community

    The community is at the centre of everything we do. We love to hear from you on any questions, concerns or remarks.

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