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Wash off face masks are designed to be removed from the skin by rinsing away the product with lukewarm water. These types of masks come in a large variety to choose from, with the most well-known and common type being the traditional clay mask. 

Sheet masks are the most recognizable of the Korean skincare routine, no wonder they because they allow the skin to fully absorb nutrients and moisture whilst being soothingly relaxing. They overflow your skin with hydration and other active, beneficial ingredients. Take a few minutes and lean back as the serum-soaked sheet masks do their magic on your complexion. Finally, enjoy the quiet, meditative ritual of a relaxing sheet mask. 

Sleeping masks are the last step of the (night) routine: apply a small layer of your favourite sleeping mask to aid the skin’s overnight healing. Sleeping masks are thicker creams that are made to be left on during a night's sleep. Wake up to a more strengthened, smoother and brighter skin! 

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